Greetings! Over the past couple of months, we've been slowly making progress towards finishing everything to the extent we feel is right so we can start actually doing this! Except at the moment, we've run into a couple of snags. I myself have got a number of projects going on, taking up most of my time, one of which is almost finished, hopefully. I am unsure if Blooky will be able to continue to the extent she has been in the past, but hopefully she won't stop completely. That being said, there is also one rather big problem... The lack of actual people. We've had a new member, Blink'who I would like to officially welcome here, even though I pretty much demanded he joined, if all goes to plan, we'll also have two new members, The Gate Keeper and Grim, but finishing them may take some time. Hopefully before we actually begin the RP, we'll have some permanent ideas for events because at the moment, nothing is really solid. If you have read The Blurs page, you will have seen that there is a new expanded story section. A little explanation on that: I wanted to introduce some new heroes and villians as well as delve into the ideas I had for The Blur but never really covered on my page. Just to clarify some things. These novels take place prior to the beginning of the first event. These novels will mainly feature The Blur and although other heroic characters will feature, they won't be altered in anyway (In most cases). Anywho, keep on recruiting and keep having fun, hopefully the next post will start to delve into the start of the RP.

See Ya Around!

- Arden