Hey all, hope all's been well, been a while, huh? Work here has been pretty slow, and literally hasn't been touched in months, but, I have not given up on my favourite superheroes. Quite the opposite, in fact, an entire re-work of some of the characters are due, especially with the new Blur coming. New heroes and villains are constantly being workshopped between a close friend, and I and I am even working on the novel series (which will explain what happened to Elreak and the rest of Aik City). Many things have come in the way of progress here (Work, Voice Acting, School, my cosplay, my Halo Fandom and my other big project; a Steampunk D&D) but I am still very much eager to continue. Doing all this almost completely alone proved there are more challenges than I am actually capable of solving, but, I will continue to work on my favourite universe and hopefully start to turn more of those red links, blue. But, bear with me, cause doing this alone is gonna take time. Hopefully, you all understand.

Thanks for being so patient,


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