The Mystic Monolith

The Mystic Monolith is the arch enemy of The Blur as well as a common enemy for Echo and Toxi, and is also a regular enemy of the Super Alliance. He is a high priority target and should be approached with extreme caution.


The origin of The Mystic Monolith is not completely known. All that is known is that he and The Blur were once friends and he utilises the No-Space in a similar way to The Blur.

Private Headquarters

The location of The Mystic Monolith's private headquarters is only known by The Blur, who chooses not to share it with anyone, including his girlfriend, Echo. It is unknown why he keeps this information a secret, even though it could help stop him.


The full extent of his powers are completely unknown, even to The Blur.

- Dimensional Tear

The Mystic Monolith can uses his powers to rip open the barrier dimensional barrier between the normal world, the box dimension and the No-Space and perhaps even to undiscovered dimensions. It is unknown what the extent of this ability is, but it causes extreme drain on his powers.


His weaknesses are completely unknown, even to The Blur.


The Super Alliance

The Mystic Monolith has always had a vendetta against the heroes of Aik City, particularly those within the Super Alliance.


In this world, there are things even the Mystic Monolith is afraid of... Cataclysm is known as 'The No-Space Guardian' in legends of the No-Space, who hunts down those who break the No-Space's rules for their own gain and kills them brutally. It is drawn to the users connection to the No-Space and is only able to be seen by those with the connection, so it is extremely difficult to hide from or even stop. The Monolith believed it only to be a legend made to scare off those who would abuse it's power... But he sure was wrong, and when it began hunting him, he sought out The Blur for help. This was during the event known as 'Hunted'.