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The Blur

Elreak Ianros, more commonly known as The Blur of Earth 1016), is currently 27, a former member of the S.P.L.A.C.K Agency and now a former founding member of the Super Alliance of Earth 1016, due to him being trapped on Earth 9024. He is a superhero capable of travelling at superspeed, opening dimensional portals and more by utilising and manipulating the Speed Energy of the No-Space; A dimension deprived from light, sound and even time, just an endless abyss with powerful properties. Except within his HQ known as 'The S.H.A.R.C'As it was once part of the normal world, the interior maintains light, sound and the same concept of time. As it is his old house that got trapped in the No-Spacehe uses it as his Private HQ so that he may store equipment, supplies and focus on honing is powers from there. He used to aid the Super Alliance by training new recruits to control their powers so that they may use them for good. He also regularly fights alongside his division codenamed 'Alpha'. The Blur lives by his own code: "Never Give Up, Never Give In, And Even When All Seems Lost... Never Lose Hope."Although he does not currently have a sidekick (nor has he any intention to), he works alongside his best friend Toxi, along with his fiancé, Echo. He is constantly fighting his archenemy known as 'The Mystic Monolith', who was revealed to be this Elreak's brother, and the reason for why he was orphaned, as Monolith murdered them when Elreak was young. Monolith has been reported numerous times around Aik City causing various crimes, but The Blur has been unable to catch him as he vanishes right before The Blur is able to catch him.

Originally from Earth 1016, The Blur from this Universe, actually spent majority of life trapped on Earth 9024 due to a deal he made with his Arch Enemy; The Mystic Monolith, so that he would finally cease his reign over that Earth's Aik City... In doing this, he was completely cut off from all members of the Super Alliance, not to mention his close and best friends. This caused him to enter a deep state of depression, where he completely gave up all hope of every seeing them again after many, many, many attempts of trying. He stopped being The Blur, stopped going outside and even went to the point where he began self harming... This, was not something he was happy with... Ever. But he wasn't sure what to do. He was cut off from all those he ever deemed close to his heart, just after a very... Shaky departure from a few of them. He was like this for a few months, and things got insanely dark for him... Until one day, he was lying in bed, watching the news about the "pointless and horrid" world around him, when he was made aware that the experimental core within FLUGEM Industries was reaching Critical Mass and if it weren't stopped, the entire city would be destroyed. He rose up out of bed, and zipped out the door at his top speed, ensuring to grab his suit as he did so. With the help of a friend, he was able to get the core to safety by tossing it into the ocean, safely letting it detonate without hurting anyone... Though to his surprise, it never did, almost as if it were a dud. But, that was the day, he became The Blur again, remembering how such a huge part of his life, was The Blur, and without it... He was hurting his friends by giving up. That would hardly be the end of his Sappy, Existential, Depressed, Sad and Mopey moments, but in the years to come, he would have people around him to help once again, and eventually giving him a way back home.


Elreak Ianros (AKA The Blur ) never had much of a life. His parents abandoned him at a very young age and was then raised in a foster home. He was then put into a school at the age of 12. For 3 years he succeeded well at almost every subject and because of this, was recruited into the young agents program at the A.L.M.O.D.A. He befriended Arika, who would soon become his best friends and superhero allies. The two would constantly be bullied by those around them, constantly being the talk of the school for their weirdness and idiocy. But, when Arika wasn't around, Elreak used his 'skills' to repel those who would bring her harm... But he never told her about his secret life, and then it became all too late. When a villain destroyed the A.L.M.O.D.A HQ using a mole within the agency to blow it up in 2010, his entire life was turned upside down. The agents were uncoordinated, unprepared and the once secret A.L.M.O.D.A was revealed to the entire world. But Aik City still had numerous threats and he was tasked to stop one such threat. The powerful super villain who called himself ''The Mystic Monolith". He spent three weeks following endless leads until he finally uncovered his lair, hidden deep within the mountains. The lair security was heavily encrypted, but the skilful agent managed to bypass all safeguards the villain had. As he walked the large hallway of the villain's lair, he avoided all of his robo minions, but he wasn't sure what to expect when he reached his target. He managed to catch The Mystic Monolith off guard and managed to apprehend him, but he failed to realise the full extent of the villain's powers and he trapped Elreak in the dimension which Elreak dubbed 'The No-Space. There is no light, no sound, just an empty void except for the ground, but due to the absence of light, he was unable to see what it looked like. Even time passed differently there, his watch was spinning like crazy until the hands flew off. He sat on the ground, just waiting for something to happen. He felt his body absorb some weird kind of energy that surrounded him but as it was causing no harm to him, he paid little attention to it. He eventually escaped to what he believed 3 hours later, thanks to the help of A.L.M.O.D.A's leading engineer. He returned through a dimensional tear that they had built, allowing for a stable portal to the No-Space. But the world was... different. The new buildings, the new design of the rebuilt agency which he thought was the A.L.M.O.D.A which had actually become F.L.A.R.G.O.N. He quickly realised that he was no longer in the year 2010, but instead, 3 years had passed and it was now 2013. There were new agents, new uniforms, new rules, new equipment, and that was just in F.L.A.R.G.O.N. It was all too much for him. So he retired from the agency and stayed in his house for weeks on end. He felt time catch up with him, the 15 year old turn into an 18 year old in a matter of days. But his best friend, Arika, persuaded him to come out, to come and see the new world and get to know it. He did so, but noticed that not only the world was different, but he too was different. He found that the energy he absorbed allowed him to tap into the No-Space energy, allowing him to manipulate the world around him. He found that time seemed to moved very slowly, but in reality, he was able to move insanely fast and was also stronger than he once was. Later on, he could also tear open the dimensional barrier, manipulate time and more. But he was unable to control his speed and newfound strength, when he tried to stop a robbery, he tried to help using his enhanced speed but ended up only making things worse. He tried to run towards the criminal and grab the gun out of his hand, but he shattered the criminal's entire arm and then proceeded to run into a nearby wall, causing half a building to come crumbling down, although no one but the criminal's arm and Elreak's self esteem was hurt, he realised that his powers were dangerous, and it would only cause more chaos if he didn't get them under control. He trained constantly so that he may get his powers under control. He also began long meditation, focusing on the world around him, unlocking the secrets of the No-Space, learning more abilities and getting them under control, so he began using them more frequently. He found that extensive use of his Speed Burst caused him to be forced back into the No-Space. So he created a Dimensional Stabiliser, allowing him to use his speed without being forced back into the No-Space. When he created his first prototype, it accidentally went off in his lab, trapping his entire house there. He found that meditation in his house in the No-Space was far more effective and allowed him to tap into it far easier than meditating back in the material plane, so he turned it into his Personal HQ known as 'The S.H.A.R.C' (Specialised Home And Research Centre). From here, he could hone his abilities without hurting anyone and conduct research on criminals without revealing his true identity to the public. He adopted the identity of The Blur and set out to make the city a better place. He fought numerous crimes and prevented The Mystic Monolith and his repeated attacks to try and take over Aik City. He joined the S.P.L.A.C.K Agency together, in hopes of working with others to stop dangers on a worldly scale. Later, his other best friend and girlfriend, Arika, got powers and she too was unable to control them. He trained her to use them in his Personal HQ. Weeks of training later, she grasped complete control over them and created the identity of Echo. The two would train, fight and regularly aid one another in battles. He then persuaded Echo to join him in the S.P.L.A.C.K Agency, shortly after, she did. But they were not as he expected and were less of a team and were more individual heroes and would often fight with one another and leave the citizens of Aik City for dead, something he wasn't looking for. So he left and with the help of his friend Echo, they created the Super Alliance.

Running Theme

Like every Blur on each Earth, this Blur has a theme that plays whilst he is running. (Obviously, this never happens in-game, but I thought you'd be interested in hearing what I listen to when he's running, which I myself actually created just for him!)


Moving to Earth 9024

A heated battle erupted within Aik City, as The Mystic Monolith' had yet again returned, but this time, had an army of shadow minions from the Shadow Realm at his disposal. They began tearing the city to pieces, killing countless innocent lives and breaking the extremely dangerous criminals from the Maximum Security Prison, which caused even more chaos. The Super Alliance were on the scene within minutes, but extremely underestimated the force of the army, often having little to no way of destroying them. Thankfully, with the help of Abyss, they were able to take control of the overwhelming forces and prevent any more destruction... Except Monolith had spent his time imprisoned becoming far stronger than ever before, making almost the entire city bend to his mind control. Because of Psyche's 'Mental Guardian, the main members of the Super Alliance were unaffected and fought against Monolith. All of them except for The Blur were defeated, who was extremely close to passing out. In a last ditch attempt, The Blur made a bargain to Monolith... If he were to leave Aik City in piece, then Monolith could kill him. Monolith thought long and hard on this, but ultimately agreed, only if his conditions were met. The Blur was to be sent to another Earth where he would be trapped forever, never to return. Despite the overwhelming fear of never seeing his best friends and fiancé again, he agreed, seeing it as the only option to finally rid that Earth of Monolith. He opened a portal and reluctantly, The Blur entered, with Monolith following behind, it sealing shut just after. The control over the city was gone and the minions were reduced to a brief puff of smoke. Arika stared at the once portal, tears dripping onto the ground with Amalie patting her on the back, trying to comfort her... But nothing could be done. The Blur, was gone.

[A LOT more to come. :D)