During the event known as: Renewal, Chrono had been tasked by The League of Super Criminals to travel back through time and rid the Earth of the pesky heroes known as The Super Alliance. She did so, but not without some backlash... Toxi had learned of the LOSCs plans; due to a small nanobot she had planted within their lair. She reported her findings to the rest of the Super Alliance, who knew they had to stop her before she did something stupid. With the use of The Ship', they altered the frequency of the portals and chased Chrono through time, hopping through various time zones. By the time they had finally caught up to her, she had already caused large amounts of chaos and destruction. She had ceased the existence of numerous Super Alliance members and various other villains in the process. Along with everyone else in the future, Blur, Toxi and Echo had all forgotten about the people that were lost... But, because of the No-Space's lack of time, The Blur occasionally gets flashes of faces he does not recognise, remembering only some of what was before. But to the rest of the world, the universe had never changed, including to Chrono, who had forgotten she had ever even changed the past.

[More in depth description coming.]