Nexus Pixie was born in Verniticus City by the coast of Armsas. Verniticus City was very advance in technology. So wherever Nexus went she was surrounded by technology. Which caused her to have an affinity for it. So when Nexus was 4 she got her first phone. Very advanced in her technology. Nexus was then given a computer at 8. At the computer she decided to buy her own new phone. She then waited for a year and it came out, and she always had to do something complicated.

Four years later, her mom decided to remove her from online school and decided to send her to real school. This was a different experience for her, people to talk to, and boys. She was very shy but then got over it. That day she met Kunzite. That exact day when she left, she cracked the code to get into her phone travelling as pixels.She that day discovered the rift. A very technological system, right in front of her all hers. She was infatuated with the systems finding hacks and info, but she wasn't alone. A group of government agent called the Cisago; an alien society, sent to attack the Techno Riftians. She was the attacked from the Cisagos. Luckily for her the techno rift got her out in time. Then she went home to her mom. Wondering all day what happened and if she is supposed to be worried. Little did she know, she was being watched. (To be continued, Idk.)



Nexus uses this in and out of the rift to make portals, blasts, and weapons to get out and attack. This power is very uncontrollable. It can get conducted by dirt and sand.

Pixel Teleportation

Nexus can use her phone to turn into pixels and travel anywhere in her city. This works extremely good in her city because of all of the pixels in her city she can be seen in pixel form on the big screens in Verniticus. This move is vulnerable if the place does not have much pixels.

Rift Run

This makes nexus go fast like pixels.She can use this outside of the rift and in the rift. If this run is interfere with she can potentially fade.

Rubber Manipulation

Nexus can control rubbery material which can conduct her into a certain thing like wires. Which helps her hack.


She can hack into peoples info nothing to serious name, age, place, and number.


Sand and dirt:Her electricity can be conducted by dirt and sand.

Easily annoyed:Nexus is very socially awkward so yeah.

Snake:because of the traumatizing thought of get bitten.


Kunzite-A boy who she met at school a lazy and chill boy.Who often puts his arm around Pilette.


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