Kunzite was born in a small town of Darina. This town was very lacklustre of many things like technology, but plentiful in wheat and cows. Kunzite was a very natural at farming so he was working at the age of 5. Always working on the farm caused him to have an affinity for dirt. Later in the years after his family earned a well profit. He moved into the city of Verniticus. He was so awestruck by the technology. While he was exploring he saw 2 thugs and they saw him too. So without nothing to protect him he decided to stay there and fight. Right when the first one tried to punch him. Kunzite went into a crystal wall, causing the thugs to punch crystals. After that the thugs ran away scared.

He Later went to school where he met Nexus Pixie. He was very outgoing and a class clown, and his bonds grew closer with her.


- Ferrokinesis

Kunzite can manipulate metal, but since he isn't that good he can only control his shield.

- Metal shield

He can summon a shield when ever he wants this can be bent by his ferrokinesis, but can easily rust.

- Crystal Walls

He can make a crystal wall for protection this helps him escape or push allies up to high ledges.


- Nexus Pixie

He considers himself very close to Nexus.





if his shield gets wet it can get rusted and distorted which makes him lose defense

Easily distracted:

can be distracted by many things


he's very lazy


echoknesis can break his crystals leaving him vulnerable.

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