Welcome to the Super Alliance

Greetings! What you are looking at here, is a roleplay group dedicated on the protection of a fictitious metropolis known as 'Aik City' by using super powers. Take a look around and if you like what you see, come join us!

The main page can be found here: Super Alliance


  • Please refrain from swearing too much
  • Create well-rounded characters (don't make them overpowered)
  • No harassment
  • Listen to the Founders/Mentors
  • No half-hearted role playing
  • No spam
  • Don’t give out your personal information
  • No editing of other people’s pages unless they give you permission
  • Aim for original characters (being inspired by existing superheroes is fine)


In order to join the Super Alliance, please read the rules and then take the Super Alliance Recruitment Test


For those interested, we use discord to organise, plan, and do the actual RP.

To join, use the link here:

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