Arthur was tested on as a child by his father, who was a mad scientist attempting to develop a working Cryo Chamber so that he could protect his family from the destruction he would cause with his 'Cryo Bomb', which had the capacity to freeze over half the world. Arthur's very DNA was altered due to the failed experiments and found that he could absorb the water molecules within the air and supercool them to subzero temperatures, allowing him to do such things as create beams and shards of ice, create a frozen wall, and much more. Although he tried to keep these abilities a secret, his father eventually found out and used Arthur's abilities to his advantage. He drew blood from Arthur in the hopes of replicating the power within Arthur's sister, Kathryn. Unfortunately, it did not go as planned, and Kathryn died, as the supercooled blood froze her heart, giving her a slow and painful death. Arthur cared deeply for his sister, and the loss of her was enough to finally drive him over the edge, to the point of murdering his father. Knowing that he could no longer stay within the house, he ran away, and began to live on the streets. Arthur used his powers to commit numerous crimes until one day, The Blur appeared on the scene. The Blur was more than capable of defeating Arthur, but he was knocked out by The Mystic Monolith, just as Arthur was being rescued by them. The villain told Jacen how they could use his powers for greater things and how he could help bring down Super Alliance and take over the city, if only he joined his team, The League of Super Criminals. He accepted their offer and took on the name; Flash Freeze, as The Blur called him during their first encounter.