[Fanfic Here. :D]


Blur looked down at his shirt which as of now, was a crop-top. He was very disappointed that he had to wear it. Losing a bet against Echo was not part of his plan. He'd glare at the pastel top, wanting to rip it off in a fit of rage.

He'd sigh, thinking this was something Toxi would do, But A bet was a bet. He was going ride this through to the end. He'd look at himself in the mirror, cringing at the thought that he was going to have to wear this shirt the whole day.

He'd enter his living room, wanting to just hide in his house all day. he go into his kitchen, a faint sweet scent could be smelled coming from his oven. he'd shut it off, a plate of red velvet cookies would be taken out, burned to a crisp. he'd eat the remains of the cookies, pulling out a cup from a drawer. he'd fill the cup with ice, shortly after filling it with Vodka, he'd also leave room for juice. he'd sip the drink, laying on his sofa.

The door would fly open, Charred stomping in. He'd almost burst out laughing at what he saw. he'd mock Blur. "Whats with the new getup?" "Looks good~" he'd joke. Blur would be disgusted. "Whats wrong with you?!" he'd shout. he'd be pounding down his drink. Charred would slump down on the sofa. He'd look at Blur's drink. "Feeling depressed or something?" he'd say with some concern in his voice.

"Nah I just..want to have some fun."said Blur."Oh you want to have some fun well fun is when two guys get drunk." Charred said.Blur drank some more getting intoxicated."Sure daddy."he said.Charred would blush and drink some more,making him get intoxicated."So wanna play dirty." said Charred.Sure i'm up for it."said Blur.

They then went into the bedroom and kept it quiet.Blur then went down on his knees and unzipped Charred's pants and took off his underwear

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