Blink (Frazier / Kiwigamer101) is currently 20 and a member of the Super Alliance. His powers are primarily based around instantaneous matter transportation. He was the first student in Alpha Division, trained under The Blur.


Frazier Kesten was born into a poor family, and grew up in the most poverty stricken area of Aik City. However, his mother believed that he could truly rise above the poorness and suffering of his family to achieve something greater. Unknown at the time, his Mrs Kesten was a low level psychic and had dreams of her son achieving great things, without knowing they were actually visions of the future. Sadly his father did not share the same view, and spent all his money on alcohol, drinking late into the night to drown out the sorrows of his terrible life and poverty. He was incredibly abusive towards his wife, especially when in a drunken rage. Despite this, Frazier and his mother were able to scrap together enough money to send Frazier to school by the age of 6, where he caught the eye of his teacher, who realised the boy had above average intelligence, and possibly a good future ahead of him, if he could afford to go to university. His teacher approached his mother and pleaded for her to send her remarkably smart son to a proper university. His mother was elated, and immediately began saving.

When Frazier was 17 and in his last year of high school, his mother gave him the money and begged him to go, he agreed and began studying. After 3 long years, he graduated with a masters degree in molecular science, at the top of his class. He was hired by Vortex Corps, who were rounding up top molecular scientists to produce an Instantaneous Matter Transporter, or IMT for short. Frazier loved his new job, and the team were making excellent progress.

7 months later, On the night before the IMT was going to be revealed to the Vortex Corps Executive Committee, Frazier was running final tests and checkups on the machine, when a gang of mercenaries hired by a rival company, Comet Labs arrived to sabotage the machine, unsure of what to do, Frazier behind his desk and pressed the panic button on his console, alerting security to the break in.

He didn't know that they would arrive much to late to stop the event his mother had prophesied all those years ago. The men began planting bombs all around the lab, and Frazier decided he had to do something, so he decided to use the IMT to transport him and the machine itself out of the laboratory to safety. He snuck over to the control console and began preparing the machine for transport, however as the countdown was almost on zero, one of the mercenaries rounded the corner, spotted Frazier and pulled the trigger of his pistol three times, one shot flew past Frazier and out the window, the second hit one of the mercenaries planting bombs in the shoulder, wounding him and the third flew into the IMT, damaging it beyond repair, but the machine still teleported itself and Frazier outside the building, and across the street to safety, as the mercenary who was shot fell to the ground and dropped his detonator, activating the bombs and destroying the entire 5th floor of the complex.

Frazier woke up three days later, in a hospital bed and was immediately confronted by the head of the IMT program who asked him to explain everything that had happened before the building exploded. After explaining everything he remembered, the scientist left Frazier to recuperate, and the next day, Frazier was released from hospital, although he had a massive pain in the back of his head, that the doctors diagnosed as an unimportant headache, that would pass in a few days, but it didn't, and one week later the headache was more painful than ever, and Frazier began thinking about maybe going to the hospital, when suddenly he was at the hospital. Freaking out, he decided to go to the Vortex Corps building and run some tests, on a different floor of course. After a few hours of testing, Frazier realised he must have somehow absorbed the teleportation abilities of the IMT, and could now teleport anywhere he had been or could see.

Realising he could use these powers for good, Frazier decided to track down the mercenaries who destroyed the lab, find out what they wanted, and most importantly, who had hired them. He had heard tales of a recently formed super team, who protected Aik City from threats and supervillainy, so he took the name Blink, and decided to join the Super Alliance.


Blink has no personal headquarters of his own, but he likes to hang out at the Super Alliance HQ, The Vortex Corps lab (in his secret identity of Frazier Kesten) and his apartment in downtown Aik City


These are the powers Blink uses

- Self Teleportation

His most commonly used, but versatile power is Blinks ability to teleport a seemingly infinite distance, as long as he has seen, or been to his destination.

- Object Teleportation

Blink has the ability to teleport objects he is touching or is up to two metres away from to places he has been or seen, note that he does not have to teleport with the object in order to teleport it. He seems to be able to teleport up to 500kg of objects without stress, but any more can make him extremely tired and anything over 1000kg will cause him to pass out.

- Others Teleportation

Blink can teleport up to 5 people he is touching anywhere with him, as long as they are connected. He can teleport one person from a distance of two metres without touching them, although this will drain his energy very fast and make him vulnerable to enemy attack.

- Momentum Transfer

If he so chooses, Blink can maintain his momentum he already has through teleportation, enabling powered up attacks that hit harder, and split second strikes, that allow him to teleport away without his attacker getting a hit in.

- 'Slow' Teleportation

Blink can decide exactly how long it takes him to teleport to a location, whether it be completely instant or after a longer period of time. After he has dematerialised, he will enter a dream state, as he is no longer in any dimension, until he arrives, and cannot change how long it takes him to arrive. This can be used to hide from enemies, as he cannot be touched while in this state, because he technically doesn't exist. He can use this at the same time as his Others and Object teleportation, but he can't maintain his momentum if he uses this power.

- Teleportation Healing

When Blink teleports, he effectively disassembles his atoms and reassembles them in the space he wants to appear. Due to this, Blink can to a certain extent, heal most injuries when he teleports, as he reassembles his atoms, with all the missing atoms that were causing the injury. This power only works if the required atoms are nearby. If for example, he teleports into a desert, he won't be able to heal himself.


- Blink will continue to use energy and 'exercise' when he teleports, stopping him from becoming an overweight slob who never even walks around

- Blink is highly trained in his own special style of martial art, which is centered around using his powers to strike fast, hard and from behind, so his enemies never know where he will appear next.

- Blink has been known to pick up objects when he teleports around during fights, and has occasionally attacked enemies with baseball bats, planks of wood, and even once a dictionary.

- Blink is very intelligent and continues to invent things in the labs at Vortex Corps and The Super Alliance HQ, as well as using his brain to process the sudden change of place, orientation and altitude as he teleports around crazily.

- It is impossible for Blink to teleport into a space already occupied by a solid material, but liquid and gas are displaced when he arrives.

- Because he teleports around so much, Blink is rarely disoriented

- Blink has an exceptional knowledge of the layout of Aik city


- Blink is considered to be quite immature for his age and will often crack jokes, make puns and say silly one liners during fights, which can cause him to lose concentration

- Blink is hyperactive and immature. He hardly ever holds his attention for too long

- Blink has one big weakness: he is unable to teleport if he can't concentrate on what he is doing. If he is feeling extremely scared, injured or distracted, he will be unable to teleport anything, or anyone. He is particularly weak to being electrocuted

- Similar to the above point, Blink cannot use his powers when in areas of extreme cold and heat

- Blink is very loyal to his friends, and mentors and will not leave any man behind, even when it may cost his life


The Blur

The Blur is Blinks mentor, as Blink is part of Alpha division he teaches him how to use his powers properly, and they have grown to be quite close friends, although they always argue over whether Blink can teleport to the finish line of a 100m sprint before The Blur can run there.

Vortex Corps

As a skilled scientist and staff member at Vortex Corps, Blink has access to the companies labs, equipment and experiments. He often will use the companies labs to carry out experiments that will benefit the Super Alliance in some way.


Comet Labs/Soren Cane

The company who originally attempted to steal the IMT before it was destroyed, have decided to instead focus on attacking and attempting to kidnap Blink. Soren Cane is the CEO of this company and will stop at nothing to become the richest, most powerful man in Aik City.

The Chaos Bringers

Although he has had little experience with this team of villains, Blink has fought them once or twice and aims to help his fellow, more experienced Super Alliance teammates take them down once and for all.