Although much of Abyss' isn't known, he has proven to be a valuable addition to the Super Alliance's roster, even if he tends to work alone. Abyss prefers his solace rather than interacting with the other members of the SA, and even when he does so, he says very little. Many find him dark and mysterious, while others find he's difficult and creepy, but there are those that respect him, one of those being his mentor, Echo.


According to various legends scattered throughout history and various beliefs, Abyss is the 'Shadow King', but according to The Blur, he is one of the very first beings to possess the Genome Mutation but when the humans discovered he had these powers, they tricked him and trapped him inside another dimension, which he calls 'The Shadowlands', but it is unsure which is true. How he came to be and how he acquired his powers is completely unknown to all members of the Super Alliance, including the leading historian and researcher, Dr. Corban Ketger but how he joined the Super Alliance, is. During the event known as 'Lifeline', The Blur was believed to be dead, when in fact he had broken through to a completely new plain known as 'The Shadowlands', similar to the No-Space, except time passed as normal. Here he was trapped without his powers, but guided by his very speed essence. It led him to the Shadow King' and his followers, who nearly destroyed The Blur entirely. At the last minute, Abyss had a... 'change of heart', and gave him a way to restore his speed, and allow him to return home.


- Lights Out

Abyss can encompass the surrounding area in a cloud of shadow, making it near pitch black. This can be used to aid fellow Super Alliance members in taking out villains, but can cause problems for those that rely on seeing to use their powers.

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