Abadonn was born in Verniticus city.She was very quiet and calm and very anti social.She would always just run away if someone spoke to her.As this habit grew she was only able to talk to people only.At the age of 5 she had decided to go on online school where she met Nexus Pixie she would always talk to Nexus online,but one day Nexus had just stop talking

This made her wonder what had happened.The next morning her computer got a virus.A Cisago came out of the screen and captured her.After a few weeks of mind control.Eris turned into Abadonn.She is now on the hunt for Nexus Pixie


Explosive stares:She can stare at something and make it explode.This can be countered by a person's stare

Rusting of metal:She is able to rust metal.

Gravital out burst:cause people around her to float up.This can be countered by a heavy object.


lightning:Lightning causes her to forget what move she was doing

rubber:This can stop her explosive stares too.

stares:This makes her nervous and can stop her explosive stares




Kunzite and Nexus Pixie

Private Head Quarters

The Ruin Of Minirv